High performance secondary storage.

High performance secondary storage.

PEBYTE Systems appliances are Enterprise Cached solutions for any types of backup application and protocol that allow organizations to meet their recovery objectives (RPO/RTO).
The technology based on Cached Secondary Storage uses advanced mechanisms to optimize data transfer between the PEBYTE Appliance and many different backup applications simultaneously.
The unique architecture allows to deploy the appliance in most customer environments.
Custom engineered hardware with purpose selected components such as CPUs, RAM, Drives, IO interfaces allow us to create a very efficient but also cost-balanced solution.

3D Performance

Typical backup applications require high sequential write performance during backup however most modern restore techniques (utilizing running virtual machines directly from the backup copy) need random IO throughput.

PEBYTE Appliances deliver high-performance random IO and high-performance sequential IO simultaneously.

3D Performance combines random and sequential IO performance with backup application integration to provide extreme throughput combined with smart data presentation layer. This allows for advanced integration features such as on-the-fly transformation of incrementals to full backups.